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Is The Village really that bad?

M. Night Shyamalan's brooding drama taps our fear of the unknown Read More »

The Bourne Supremacy

With the James Bond franchise now Bondless and Mission: Impossible 3 still directorless, where can spy thriller fans turn? Why, to Jason Bourne, of course. Matt Damon reprises his role as the amnesic secret agent in the new sequel to Doug Liman’s excellent 2002 actioner. Liman stays on as producer this time, relinquishing the director’s chair to relative newcomer Paul ... Read More »

The Village

M. Night Shyamalan is one of the few working writer/directors with as much name recognition and drawing power as today’s top actors. His first major film, The Sixth Sense, was a runaway critical and commercial success, earning six Oscar nominations and grossing nearly $700 million world-wide. The deliberate pacing, understated performances, and “twist” ending made the film markedly different from ... Read More »

The Bourne Supremacy

Today was The Bourne Supremacy. The original flick was a pretty good popcorn thriller, and this one is actually an improvement on the original. Taut, quickly paced, with one of the best car chases I’ve seen in quite some time (I don’t know what manufacturer makes that taxi, but I’ll buy three of their cars right now). Matt Damon plays ... Read More »

24 Season Finale

This third season of 24 was the weakest season of the show, that being said, it is still in the upper echelon of scripted television. This year started out strong, quickly establishing our primaries, good and bad, and giving the story a direction. The series quickly took a downturn, meandering around with dull subplots, generally spinning its wheels as the ... Read More »

Review: The Bourne Supremacy

In my earlier review of The Bourne Identity, I stated that The Bourne Supremacy had a lot to live up to due to the prior film’s excellence. I’m here to tell you that it didn’t disappoint. Except for a new director, it’s pretty much the same team at work here as in the first film, and there’s a sense of ... Read More »

David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive

In fact, the best way to describe how I felt after watching that movie was confused, embarrassed and befuddled. Sort of like I was forced to watch some perv expose himself in public. ICK! Read More »

I, Review : I, Robot

There’s a story leading me up to seeing this ‘version’ of I, Robot. It started, I’m not sure how long ago, grade school I think. I tried reading Asimov’s “Foundation Trilogy.” I say tried because at that time it was a tough read and I didn’t stick with it. I tried it again a year or two later, this time ... Read More »

Brotherhood of the Wolf DVD Review

The creature feature: A lambasted genre of movie that critics loathe to the extreme, usually filled with abysmal special effects and completely lacking in plot. Brotherhood of the Wolf: French film disguised as a creature feature, loved by most critics, filled with abysmal special effects and 2 hours worth of useless character development. A mysterious creature is slaughtering villagers in ... Read More »

Deep Blue Sea DVD Review

Filmmaking rule #1: If your film stars giant genetically altered sharks, there is no need for a plot, character development, or logic. This is a rule that Deep Blue Sea follows exactly, without any compromise. Renny Harlin directs this minor shark classic with a breakneck pace, but the special effects ruin everything. Aquatica is an under (and slightly above) water ... Read More »