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Film Fans Rank Ripley, Buffy in Movie and TV Character Top 10s

buffy the vampire slayer

But they're the only two female characters 'Empire' readers voted into their Top 10 character lists. Read More »

Blu-ray Review: ‘The Sopranos: The Complete Series’

Sopranos Blu-ray

A great television series has arrived on Blu-ray. It is definitely worthy of a spot on your shelf. Read More »

How I Never Met Your Mother – Thinking About TV Shows That I’ve Never Seen

how 4

It is just that beginning a new series is taking a chance, kind of like a first date, and we know how most of those go. Read More »

Not Fade Away, Almost Famous & The Uneasy Marriage Of Rock & Film

The marriage between music and movies has not always been an easy one, at least not when it comes to rock and roll. Read More »

Book Review: The Official Book of Mob Humor by Malcolm Kushner

What do you mean The Official Book of Mob Humor is funny? How is it funny? Funny like a clown? Will it amuse you? Make you laugh? Is it here to amuse you?... Well, yes! Read More »

Book Review: If You Like The Sopranos: Here Are Over 150 Movies, TV Shows, and Other Oddities That You Will Love by Leonard Pierce

Tony Soprano stepped on a lot of bodies to get where he is, and this book knows where they are. Read More »

Book Review: Sinatra, Gotti And Me by Tony Delvecchio and Rich Herschlag

The story of Tony Delvecchio, who ran Frank Sinatra's favorite restaurant. Read More »

What Jack Bauer Can Learn from Tony Soprano and Michael Corleone

24 on TV is done, 24 the movie will appear someday. To succeed, Jack Bauer should heed the lessons of Tony Soprano and Michael Corleone. Read More »

How Does The Lost Finale Measure Up?

A discussion on great television endings and does Lost deserve to be included. Read More »

Music Review: T.H. White – Company Book

T.H. White's third album "Company Book" pushes contemporary urban electronic fusion. Read More »