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Theater Review (NYC): ‘Powerhouse,’ Bioplay About Raymond Scott by the Sinking Ship Ensemble

Tyler Bunch (Booby puppeteer), Erik Lochtefeld (Raymond Scott), and Eric Wright (Otter puppeteer) in 'Powerhouse' at the New Ohio Theatre

'Powerhouse' is a potent combination of inventive creativity and spot-on realization, with puppetry, dance, music, and a smashing cast. Read More »

DVD Review: Doctor Who Planet of Giants

Planet of Giants shrinks Doctor Who down to an inch tall, and includes recreated lost footage. Read More »

PopConLA: Making Music Magic for Indie Producers

Elmer Bernstein: If all the budget they had left was for a kazoo and a banjo, let’s get the best kazoo and banjo we can get. Read More »

DVD Review: Futurama – Volume 6

Although not as immediate and energetic in pacing and humor as Volume 5, there are some gems in this set. Read More »

Blu-ray Review: The Simpsons – The Fourteenth Season

It may be past the show's prime years, but this is a well-produced set with lots of extras. Read More »

Chatterbox: Let’s Talk TV is on the Air Talking about Animated Sitcoms!

Let's talk 'toons! TV Chatterbox: Let's Talk TV's weekly LiveChat is talking animated! Join us at 7PM ET! Read More »

Q & A with Neil Gaiman, or Why Neil Gaiman is a Gentleman

From disaster to bliss in less than 140 characters. Read More »

TV Review: The Simpsons – “The Ned-Liest Catch”

The Simpsons ruins a good story with a terrible gimmick in the season finale. Read More »

TV Review: The Cleveland Show – “Hot Cocoa Bang Bang”

The Cleveland Show visits Comic Con with pleasing, but predictable, results. Read More »

TV Review: Bob’s Burgers – “Bed & Breakfast”

Bob's Burgers is funny in a more realistic, toned down way than its Sunday night companions. Read More »