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The Ultimate Reality TV: Sanders and Trump – The Sorcerer and the Apprentice

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Two presidential candidates are getting my attention by making headlines and pretty much leaving the others in the dust – Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. Read More »

TV Open Thread: Celebrity Apprentice Recap – Gary Busey Finally Meets His Waterloo

With his Celebrity Apprentice teammates ganging up against him, Gary Busey barely had a chance to emerge unscathed from the boardroom. Read More »

TV Review: Celebrity Apprentice – Nene Leakes Rips LaToya Jackson a New One

Gary is treading on thin ice. Nene rips into LaToya's like a lioness defending cubs. Read More »

TV Open Thread: Lisa Rinna Thrown Under Bus in Celebrity Apprentice Season 4

Lisa Rinna fights the weight of the bus as the men struggle to keep Gary Busey focused. Read More »

Mets Mess: Trump Wants to Buy a Stake In Team

Wouldn't it be worth it just to see the Donald sitting across the table from Luis Castillo and Oliver Perez saying, "You're fired!" Read More »

It’s A Shame About Ray

Chelsea fans got the blues last week, as its assistant coach Ray Wilkins received his marching orders. Read More »

The Apprentice Returns

Last night we got the return of the regular Apprentice. Was it worth the wait? Read More »

Love Bites Pulled from NBC Schedule

For several reasons, NBC has been forced to rework the series. Read More »