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Tea Time on The Amazing Race

Whining, crying, complaining, and some more positive attitudes - tonight's episode had it all. Read More »

The Amazing Race: Rethinking the Validity of Bottlenecks

I have often complained about bottlenecks, maybe they're more useful than I thought. Read More »

The Amazing Race: Ditching Teams and Stealing Packs

Would you take a plane that got in 15 minutes earlier if it meant a connection? Would you return a fanny pack? Would you ditch a friendly team? Read More »

The Amazing Race: Jet and Cord Fight to Survive

Jet and Cord started off way behind tonight. Did they stay there? Read More »

TV Review: The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business

A new race with old contestants has begun! Read More »

Screen Time 9/28/10 – Oh to be on The Amazing Race

That's it, Erin Medley and I want in. Read More »

TV Preview: The Amazing Race – Cycle 17

The time has come for another race around the world. Read More »

Who Are the “Real” Reality Stars?

Are all reality stars created equal? Read More »

The Amazing Race, Celebrity Apprentice, Foolishness, and Me

What were those contestants thinking last night? What was I thinking watching them? Read More »

The Amazing Race 16 Field Still Looking Weak

We go searching for smarts on The Amazing Race 16 and come up empty. Read More »