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Book Review: ‘Morgan Kane: Without Mercy’ by Louis Masterson

Book Review Morgan Kane Without Mercy by Louis Masterson

Featuring an old world cowboy with the ethics and morality of a new world superhero. Read More »

Yu Darvish, A Done Deal for the Texas Rangers

After a long wait, the Texas Rangers made it official on Wednesday, signing Japan’s best pitcher, Yu Darvish, to a six-year deal for $60 million. Read More »

Texas Rangers Win Negotiating Rights to Japan’s Best Pitcher, Yu Darvish

The Texas Rangers are still playing hard ball during the offseason, landing the negotiating rights to Japan's Yu Darvish. Read More »

Texas Rangers Sign Closer Joe Nathan

The Rangers may be operating a revolving door. Joe Nathan is coming in, but is C.J. Wilson going out? Read More »

Are the Texas Rangers Preparing to Say Good-bye to C.J. Wilson?

Facing another long-term value decision, the Texas Rangers aim to keep its highly sought after left-handed ace in town for years to come. Read More »

Texas Rangers: Looking Ahead to 2012

Planning to build on their past two seasons of playing in the World Series, the Texas Rangers look at pitching again. Read More »

The Insanity Season Is Here For Dallas Sports Fans

It's a crazy time of year to be a Texas Rangers and Dallas Cowboys fan. Read More »

Red Sox Tear Up Texas Pitching In Arlington

The Red Sox finally beat the Texas Rangers in 2011, and did it twice the last two nights, with solid pitching and explosive offense leading the charge. Read More »

Nolan Ryan Hospitalized for Heart Condition

The 64-year-old Hall of Fame pitcher and current Texas Rangers President & CEO had a scare over the weekend, but all signs point to a full recovery. Read More »

Boston Red Sox Aim to Rule AL East Again in 2011

On paper, the 2011 Boston Red Sox look set to win the AL East. But only health and consistency from key players will get the hometown squad there. Read More »