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Music Review: S.O.S. – I Owe You Nothing EP

11 minutes of "meh." Read More »

Thank You, Mr. Terrorist

How terrorists improved my travel life. Read More »

Book Review: Joe is Online by Chris Wimpress

Cyberterrorism: an experiment in terror. Read More »

The Case for Taking Bin Laden Alive

Do modern day terrorists deserve a harsher form of justice than other war criminals? Read More »

Mission Accomplished?

Let's take bin Laden's death as a sign that it's time to rethink our foreign policy as we should have after 9/11. Read More »

After Three Terror Attacks in Israel, South Shuts Down; What’s Up?

Will the government finally do what it needs to do to secure Israel's security? I won't hold my breath. Read More »

Book Review: Afraid of the Dark by James Grippando

The Dark is just another name for Evil. Read More »

Book Review: Dead Man’s Eye by Shaun Jeffrey

Can the visions of a cornea transplant donor be visited on the recipient? Read More »

DVD Review: Aegri Somnia

Fear will keep us safe. Fear is our protector. Read More »

Terrorists on the Way to Gaza Stopped by IDF – Shooting Breaks out on the Boat

Israeli politicians manage to mess up a successful anti-terror operation of the IDF. Read More »