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PlayStation 4 Review: ‘Minecraft: Story Mode – Episode 2: Assembly Required’

Minecraft, Story Mode, Episode 2, Assembly Required

On its own, and clocking in at under an hour, Assembly Required is easily the weakest offering from the long-time adventure game maker. Fortunately, TellTale's 'Minecraft: Story Mode' is clearly marketed towards a younger audience, and fans of the original game, who are a lot more likely to forgive all of the game's shortcomings. Read More »

PlayStation 4 Review: ‘King’s Quest: Chapter 1 – A Knight to Remember’

King's Quest

if the same level of quality is maintained in future episodes, "King's Quest" is going to prove to be an absolute must-have game. This first episode is nothing short of spectacular. Read More »

PlayStation 4 Review: ‘Life is Strange: Episode 2- Out of Time’

Life is Strange, Episode Two, Out of Time, PlayStation 4

After 'Episode Two: Out of Time,' Dontnod's 'Life is Strange' is the best episodic adventure game out there. With more character depth, and more gameplay, along with a technically superior game engine, there's really no debate. Read More »

PC/Mac Game Review: Poker Night 2


Telltale returns to the franchise. Should you? Read More »

Wii U Review: Lego City Undercover

Legoins? Legoites? Legoese? What are these people called? Read More »

PC/Mac Game Review: Jurassic Park – The Game, Episode 1: “The Intruder”

We are not yet convinced. Read More »

PC/Mac Game Review: Back to the Future – The Game: Episode 4

"Double Visions" is pretty much just double the frustration... or maybe triple the frustration. Read More »

PC Game Review: Poker Night at the Inventory

A flawed poker simulation coupled with a shallow game concept make this game not worth even the bargain price. Read More »