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Sopranos Commentary

Great news: Radley Balko (damn, I love that name) is joining Blogcritics, and he will be doing a running commentary/review of The Sopranos season episode by episode. Here’s the first installment from his site: One murder, some coke, an orgy with Icelandic flight attendants, loads of manipulation, and a capo excusing himself from dinner at the boss’s place while he ... Read More »

The Sopranos in Print

David Kelly looks at Sopranos lit in the NY Times: Literary critics and historians, neo-Marxists and theoretical feminists, postmodernists and pre-post-post-structuralists are scrambling to stake their claims to David Chase’s series. The name-dropping in these books borders on the felonious — why stop at Francis Ford Coppola and Martin Scorsese when Mikhail Bakhtin and Walter Benjamin are available? — but ... Read More »

Jarvis On HBO

Jeff Jarvis will be our latest Blogcritic! Very exciting news. While we are getting the paperwork straightened out, we will link his excellent review of the HBO lineup: The HBO Weltanschauung – or – Why we love The Sopranos There’s a reason the return of The Sopranos is getting so much hype and praise. There’s a reason that HBO’s original ... Read More »

Little Silvio

An interview with, and profile of Springsteen guitarist, solo artist, producer, activist, and Sopranos star Steven Van Zandt. Read More »

We Are Family Airs 9/11

Tonight the TRIO Channel (available on many, but not all cable outlets) airs Danny Schecter’s film WE ARE FAMILY with a cast of famous 200 artists, athletes and actors calling for tolerance and global understanding. Watch if you can. It will be shown three times. Check local listings. Also, please see the Globalvision News Network special report at gvnews.net with ... Read More »

9-11 names ceremony

The official ceremony has begun and the names of the victims are being read. CBS is displaying a picture of each person and their age which makes it a bit less abstract. ABC is showing the photo and briefly talking about some of the names as they are called. Dan Rather says CBS will contiune to show the photos even ... Read More »

Save Farscape

Save Farscape!!! Save Moya!!! I hate to be a doubting Thomas, but if SciFi is that determined to start destroying sets of one of their hightest rated shows on Wednesday, I doubt they’ll listen to the fans that put it there. But, for McSweeny, we’ll give it a shot! Go there, and make your voice heard. [ As seen on ... Read More »