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The Republicans’ Real Agenda? Surprise: It’s Not the Economy

Job #1 for the Republicans in the next Congress? Destroy Obama. Read More »

American Idiocracy: A Rant

What will the U.S. political map look like after the mid-term elections? And what will it look like a decade from now? Read More »

Right Likes To Mix Oil With Their Tea

If conservatives really cared about limited government, they would be the ones trying to end tax-dollar giveaways to Big Oil Read More »

Immigration Reform: The Democrats’ 2010 Kryptonite?

An immigration overhaul could give Democrats, including Sen. Harry Reid himself, a big boost in November Read More »

Is This the End of the Tea Party?

Did the Tea Party movement really need a Star Trek convention for birthers and rich crackpots? Read More »

Satire: The New Treasonous Saboteurs on the Block: Harvard and Princeton!

Be warned! The intellectual academia is pretending to know more than Exxon about the world climate! Read More »