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What If Political Celebs Left Localized Primary Elections Alone?

Should political celebs stay out of localized primary elections? Read More »

The History Channel Premieres America: The Story of Us on April 25

“We don’t turn the other cheek. That’s not who we are.” — Tom Brokaw Read More »

On the Road to Revolution

If the political elite doesn't start listening to the people, it's time for them to go. Read More »

Alex Jones is Still a Jackass

It takes a special kind of idiot to make enemies of people who agree with you. Read More »

Scott Brown and the Tea Party Win Massachusetts

In a startling upset Scott Brown has won the Senate seat held by the Kennedy family for over 50 years. Read More »

Know Senate Health Reform By Its Opponents

Those on the left could learn to hate the Senate health reform bill a little less by who else abhors it Read More »

Interview with Kevin Jackson: A Proud Conservative with a Relevant Message

“What you learn about America is that people are a lot less interested in race than they are in character.” Read More »