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Infrastructure, Labor and Taxation Imperatives in the United States

The presentation concerns infrastructure, labor and taxation aimed at enhancing economic growth and repairing public facilities. Read More »

Corporations Pay no Taxes; All Taxes are Paid by Individuals

Corporations function as tax collection agents for the governmental bodies to which they report. They are not taxpayers. Read More »

Statist Policies Cause More Harm Than Good

A sure fire way to make a situation worse is to involve the government. Read More »

Bubble Up vs Trickle Down Economics

Which is better for the U.S. economy: trickling down or bubbling up? Read More »

How a Responsible Government Responds to Recession

I'm betting that Ireland's responsible approach to stimulus and recovery will work better than Obama's taxing and spending. Read More »

Economic Insanity and Job Destruction Continue

The Democrats' economic policies go beyond foolishness and can only be a deliberate plan to sabotage the nation. Read More »

On Taxes and Public Ownership

The benefits of taxation, and the importance of public ownership. Read More »