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Obama’s the One and Done

Obama had the most powerful group in the modern world behind him and still he surrendered. Read More »

The People’s Business – So Far

One expects an opposition party to oppose an incumbent party. But where are the job bills they promised? Read More »

A Sad Optimist Cries Yet Again: A Pox on all Your Houses

Amidst the fear, the anger, the apprehension, we can take heart that our politicians are blithering idiots — as are we. Read More »

South Carolina Says “Enough” to Lindsey Graham

Lindsay Graham and the big-government Republicans may not have much of a political future. Read More »

The Myth of Republican Uniformity

Is the Republican Party of today the party of the Bush era and was it ever the monolithic party some believe? Read More »

Ding! Dong! Recession’s Gone!

In simple Tea Bagger American, the wealthy aren't suffering the negative effects of the crashing economy as are we. Read More »

Senator Tom Coburn Understands the Real Issue

Despite his questionable associations, Sen. Tom Coburn seems to actually understand the outrage of the people. Read More »

Suicide Is NOT Painless

What will happen to us when they have to squeeze the dry lemon until the seeds run down their legs? Read More »