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Grassroots Republicans Call for Opposition to Party Rule Changes

Is the Republican Party no longer a party of the people, by the people and for the people? Read More »

A Letter to Delegates in Tampa

Changes in party rules in Tampa may end the GOP as we know it. Read More »

Paul Ryan, the Establishment’s Idea of a Radical

Paul Ryan is like the pair of used socks your senile granny gave you at Christmas... Read More »

Book Review: Fangtastic by Lucienne Diver

This light-spirited YA vampire series keeps on getting better. Read More »

Interview: Exclusive One-on-One with Hilarious Novelist Tim Dorsey

Oh, my! My cheeks flushed when the comical Tim Dorsey ended our interview by askin'... Read More »

Spring Training Is Open Season For Big Business

While the same optimism may ring true every spring, the business of preseason games has risen steadily since the 80s. Read More »