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The Real Reason for Talk Radio’s Rise to Power

Listening to Levin, Limbaugh, or Hannity gives untold millions headaches. So why, then, are these radio entertainers so popular? Read More »

The True Conservative: A Popular Pipe Dream?

The Republican base wants a "true" conservative this time around. Does such a thing even exist? Read More »

Middle America Tunes Into the OWS Movement

He's more likely to joke about farts than the Fed, but famed radio host Mike O'Meara proudly defends OWS. Read More »

The Present in Politics: A Race to the Abyss

The time is now to face the facts of our degenerated political culture. Read More »

The State of Politics: How Did We Get to This Point?

Things have become extremely nasty in the realm of American politics as of late, but why, exactly? Read More »

A Question for America: What’s the Problem With Civility?

The long-term problems with our new national aversion to decency in politics. Read More »

Juan Williams is an Islamophobe, Darrell Issa is a RINO, and Other Absurdities: The Bipartisan Assault on Sanity

The far left and the far right unwittingly join forces to destroy the American Way of Life. Read More »

Hell on Earth: An American Story

How the Left is turning America into a hell on Earth. Read More »

Air America Goes Out With a Whimper

Starting Monday the handful of stations still carrying Air America will have to find something else to broadcast. Read More »

Satire: All Conservative Media Must GO!

Honoring all true patriots, as they go boldly forth to silence evil voices. Read More »