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Book Review: ‘Ahmam’s Islands’ by Chung Wenyin


The American release of a Taiwanese novel describes what it's like to be young, single and female in modern Taiwan. Read More »

DVD Review: ‘The Rooftop’


It could have been a wonderful, vivid piece of movie magic. But it never leaves the ground. Read More »

SATIRE: Donald Trump Goes to China

What would have happened if Donald Trump had become the next president? How would he have engaged China? Read More »

Singapore Asks for Restraint as China Sails at Will in the South China Sea.

China continues provocation in the South China Sea; Singapore encourages restraint. Read More »

KORUS: Good for South Korea, but Who Else?

The KORUS trade pact is good for S. Korea, but who else benefits? Read More »

Are American Politicians To Blame for The Chinese/Taiwanese Fallout?

American politicians may be at fault for new tension between China, Taiwan Read More »

U.S. Presses Forward on Plans to Sell Arms to Taiwan

U.S. relations with China suffer as arms deal goes forward. Read More »