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Book Review: ‘iRules’ by Janell Burley Hofmann


Need help in curbing the tech craze that has taken over your life? "iRules: What Every Tech-Healthy Family Needs to Know About Selfies, Sexting, Gaming and Growing Up" might be for you. Read More »

How Do We Use Our Mobile Devices?

Credit: Commons/Flickr

Americans spend on average 2 hours and 38 minutes glued to their smartphones and tablets. Read More »

Tablet Review: iPad Mini with Retina Display


With its Retina display and the new ultrafast A7 processor, it sounds like the perfect tablet. Should you buy one? Read More »

The Maylong Mobility Tablet M-270


This tablet with a keyboard is designed to perform many functions including email, social networking, and entertainment. Read More »

Talking with LeVar Burton About Reading Rainbow (The Next Generation)

LeVar Burton chats with Blogcritics about Reading Rainbow, Star Trek and connecting kids with reading Read More »

Product Review: Art Pen From Wacom

Do you want more flexibility when you digitally draw? Read More »

Best Tablets for Students

Although tablets are not laptops, they are still very useful devices for students to have. Read More »

The Most Interesting Article You Will Ever Read About Granite

Check out these ancient feats of architecture that researchers are still puzzling over. Read More »

Software Review – Adobe Digital Publishing Suite From Adobe Systems

Are you looking for a new, complete publishing platform for tablets and e-readers? Read More »

Tech Talk: Create Your Own App in About 60 Minutes with – for Free!!

Could we be witnessing a paradigm shift in making app-building easy & free to all? Read More »