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Skin. Sin. Win.

A look at several home video releases your mother should have warned you about. Read More »

Highlights in High-Def

Six titles to keep an eye out for — for better or for worse. Read More »

Comical Imbalance

Six home video releases that dish out their own special brand of comedy. Read More »

Horrible Horror, Part IV – Freaks and Shrieks

It's time for a healthy does of good ol' fashioned nightmare fuel. Read More »

Horrible Horror, Part I – College is a Real Killer

Six films with people that couldn't even survive an online university. Read More »

Blu-ray/DVD Review: The Exterminator (1980)

The director's cut of the very controversial cult class-ick hits Blu-ray. Read More »

Blu-ray Review: The Dorm That Dripped Blood

Worth picking up to fans of slasher films old and new. Read More »

Sex, er Six Features Jesus Wouldn’t Approve Of

A peek at a handful of flicks with handfuls all their own. Read More »

Luigi Bastardo’s Last-Minute Cult-O-Rama B-Movie Gift Guide

Seven fine flicks that are perfect for either alienating or those who are alienated. Read More »

Oh, The Horror.

Terror takes form in zombies, public access TV series, Belgians, crazed killers, and another Pauly Shore film, too! Read More »