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Movie Review: Let the Right One In (2008)

Let the Right One In is a unique gem amongst the overcrowded vampire genre. Read More »

Movie Review: The Swimsuit Issue Is Not At All What You Think It Is

What's the fuss about a bunch of men in swimsuits swimming around a pool? Read More »

Sweden Repeats Curling Gold After Canada’s Haunting Miscues

Canada lost a late lead to the 2006 gold medal winners, 7-6, and they have nobody to blame but themselves. Read More »

Canada Captures Gold In Women’s Hockey

With the loss, the US takes silver. Finland wins the bronze over Sweden in the consolation match. Read More »

Olympic Hockey Heats Up, At Least For Now

As we approach the semifinals, the NHL wonders if stopping their season for the Olympics is such a good idea. Read More »

Music Review: Love Is All – Nine Times That Same Song

Love Is All's debut is fast, catchy, and saturated with the proper dance rock sound for those indie kids. Read More »

Blue Jackets Will Open 2010-11 Season in Sweden

Will this coincide with the release of the Jacket's third jersey? Read More »

“…For What, What For?”; Conservatives and Liberals Alike React, Decry Obama Peace Prize

A group of Europeans have thumbed their noses at the world — too soon? Too bad! Read More »

Music Review: Anna Ternheim – Leaving On A Mayday

Anna Ternheim's third album "Leaving On A Mayday" stuns with its passion. Read More »

Book Review: The Road to Jerusalem by Jan Guillou

The Road to Jerusalem, the first book in Swedish author Jan Guillou's Crusades Trilogy, is finally released in America. Read More »