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DVD Review: Death Note – Volume 2 Box Set

The second box set of the anime series brings it to a satisfying conclusion. Read More »

DVD Review: The Poker Club

I fold. Read More »

DVD Review: Intelligence – Season Two

Acorn Media releases the concluding episodes of this ambitious Canadian crime series. Read More »

DVD Review: She Fell Among Thieves

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DVD Review: A Plumm Summer

A throwback to the better days of movies made for kids, brimming with heart and charm. Read More »

Q: What’s a MacGuffin?

mental_floss question of the day. Read More »

TV Review: Lost – Season Three Premiere

The Others come to life as Lost delves deeper into the island for Season Three. Read More »

TV Review: Lost – Season Premiere

The eagerly anticipated season three premiere is here! Will we find answers or will more mysteries arise? Read More »

TV Review: Lost – “A Tale of Two Cities”

After months of anticipation, I loved the episode, but can't help but feel a little let down. Read More »

The Lost Mind: Third Season Countdown

With the counter moments away from rolling over into heiroglyphs (read: third season about to premiere) we count down the best episodes to date. Read More »