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Turn Your iPhone into a Bugging Device


It's easy to use your iPhone as an audio surveillance device. Just make sure it's legal. Read More »

Americans are Protesting the New Surveillance; What Does the Future Hold?


While the Internet has brought new opportunities for free speech, the government grows daily more determined to monitor that very speech. Read More »

Security Technology; How Much Do I Need, and Why?

The lines are often blurred between the need for security and the desire for convenience. Here's a checklist to help. Read More »

Repeal or Revise – The Problems with the PATRIOT Act

The PATRIOT Act is the greatest assault on our civil liberties as a people since the time of the Civil War. It's time to see it brought in line with the Constitution or repealed entirely. Read More »

Book Review: Gallagher Girls #1: I’d Tell You That I Loved You, But Then I’d Have To Kill You by Ally Carter

Cammie Morgan is a 16-year old spy in training, and in love for the first time. Read More »

DVD Review: Surveillance (2008)

Jennifer Lynch has inherited her daddy’s weird gene. But is that a good thing? Read More »