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Book Review: Fragments from Iraq by Zsolt T. Stockinger

The diary offers an insightful look into daily military life from the perspective of a top trauma surgeon. Read More »

Sliding Into Old Age, Thanks to Pullover Stretch Fabric

Loving stretch pants means you have become your own grandma. Read More »

Book Review: Topic of Cancer: Riding the Waves of the Big C by Meg Stafford

Living that happens during breast cancer treatment. Read More »

How Smoking Affects Your Skin

Smoking doesn't just cause superficial skin problems; it causes adverse changes to the skin's ability to function and heal. Read More »

Book Review: Getting Over Going Under by Barry L. Friedberg, MD

Discover a revolutionary approach to patient comfort/care and the means to insure one’s own best possible anesthesia experience. Read More »

Natalia’s Cutting-Edge Endoprosthesis Grows with the Child

My daughter's endoprosthesis surgery this summer was documented on Canadian television. Read More »

DVD Review: Make Me Young: Youth Knows No Pain

“None of us mind being a ripe fruit but none of us wants to be a bruised banana.” Read More »

The Value of a Second Opinion

What if you lost the ability to walk thanks to a misdiagnosis? Read More »

Book Review: A Pediatric Surgeon In Iraq by Christopher Coppola

Pediatric Surgeon, LTC Christopher Coppola comes out with a book about his experience in a war zone. Read More »

DVD Review: Nip/Tuck: Season Five, Part Two

FX’s “Soap Opera v2.0” returns to make us over. Read More »