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Could Cameras in Operating Rooms Reduce the Number of Surgical Errors?

black box surgery

As long as the data is recorded and shared very carefully, video in surgery could help doctors fight malpractice lawsuits even as it improves patients’ odds. Read More »

Book Review: Fragments from Iraq by Zsolt T. Stockinger

The diary offers an insightful look into daily military life from the perspective of a top trauma surgeon. Read More »

Sliding Into Old Age, Thanks to Pullover Stretch Fabric

Loving stretch pants means you have become your own grandma. Read More »

Book Review: Topic of Cancer: Riding the Waves of the Big C by Meg Stafford

Living that happens during breast cancer treatment. Read More »

How Smoking Affects Your Skin

Smoking doesn't just cause superficial skin problems; it causes adverse changes to the skin's ability to function and heal. Read More »

Book Review: Getting Over Going Under by Barry L. Friedberg, MD

Discover a revolutionary approach to patient comfort/care and the means to insure one’s own best possible anesthesia experience. Read More »

Natalia’s Cutting-Edge Endoprosthesis Grows with the Child

My daughter's endoprosthesis surgery this summer was documented on Canadian television. Read More »

DVD Review: Make Me Young: Youth Knows No Pain

“None of us mind being a ripe fruit but none of us wants to be a bruised banana.” Read More »

The Value of a Second Opinion

What if you lost the ability to walk thanks to a misdiagnosis? Read More »

Book Review: A Pediatric Surgeon In Iraq by Christopher Coppola

Pediatric Surgeon, LTC Christopher Coppola comes out with a book about his experience in a war zone. Read More »