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Music Review: Stevie Wonder – #1’s

Stevie Wonder: Chapter 20. The Stevie Wonder series ends with 20 of his number one hits. Read More »

Music Review: Stevie Wonder – Stevie Wonder’s Original Musiquarium I

Stevie Wonder: Chapter 14. Stevie Wonder released his best of the best of the best, and then some. Read More »

Music Review: Stevie Wonder – Talking Book

Stevie Wonder: Chapter 8. Read More »

Friday the 13th: Are You Superstitious?

It’s Friday the 13th; a traditionally unlucky day. Love them or loathe them, superstitions play a leading role in our lives. Read More »

White Rabbits—Superstitious Beginnings

A lucky way to start the month. Read More »

The House of Mirrors

The Universe is a palace of mirrors. What we see is a reflection of ourselves. Read More »

A Story of the Spectral Stream

We cannot answer the questions How, When, Where or Why. We just know that IT happens. Read More »

Blu-ray Review: Van Helsing

As an adventure film, it’s comical. As a comedy, it’s abominable. Read More »