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Deflate-Gate Debate Threatens to Overshadow Super Bowl

deflate 4

This mess has gone viral and probably won’t go away before the coin toss to start the Super Bowl on February 1. Read More »

Jets Win Super Bowl III – The Start of the Most Amazing Year in NYC Sports History

jets 2

Three championships came to New York City because our 1969 teams didn’t just shoot for the moon but reached for the stars. Read More »

Mad Men Season 6 Premiere: The Doorway To High Times And Unhappiness

SCDP Rings Out 1967. Super Bowl Queen Peggy Olson. Death Wish Don Draper. Roger Rolls On. Read More »

Jeep’s Super Bowl Ad: The Real Message

Using the right imagery and music creates the fastest path between heartstrings and purse strings. Read More »

TV Review: Elementary – “The Deductionist”

A serial killer and Sherlock Holmes find common ground when the detective is forced to work with an unscrupulous and ambitious FBI profiler. Read More »

The Trouble With Football

Football needs to stop cutting into better shows, at least until DVR technology improves. Read More »

Running to Feed Syrian Refugees

You can help feed Syrian refugees and others in need using Charity Miles Read More »

2013 Super Bowl Pick – Eli Is His Own Manning

I am picking the NY Giants to be repeat champions in 2013, and the salient reason for this choice is Eli Manning. Read More »

Olympics Opening Ceremony: Sound and Fury Signifying Mostly Nothing

This is not Las Vegas; it's the Olympics. Too bad people have lost sight of that and what the games are supposed to be all about. Read More »

Junior Seau Commits Suicide – Will the NFL Take Notice Now?

Seau is dead by his own hand, but the NFL must be held complicit in that it needs to do more for former players to help them cope with life after football. Read More »