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Subsidies and Tax Credits Are Not The Same Thing

Tax credits are not subsidies. Read More »

More Taxpayer Money Gone

The taxpayers lose again. Read More »

Oil Price Fairness

Higher gasoline prices; a fairness issue, Read More »

Is Obama Attempting to Buy Votes from College Students?

The president is playing politics with the high cost of college. Read More »

And the Beat Goes On: Yet More DOE Boondoggles

Can biofuels exist without subsidies? Read More »

In Federal Budget Debate, Let There be no Sacred Cows; or Sacred Horses

You know that there is something wrong with the federal government when horses get better treatment than the average American taxpayer. Read More »

Right Likes To Mix Oil With Their Tea

If conservatives really cared about limited government, they would be the ones trying to end tax-dollar giveaways to Big Oil Read More »