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Book Review: The Perfect Love of God: Becoming the Bride of Christ Through His Transforming Love by Joan Marie Forness

Have you ever known the Love of God? Is it possible? Is it real? Read More »

Where is the Land of Opportunity Now?

Educated young people and the wealthy are leaving the US in increasing numbers. Is this a downhill trend for America? Read More »

Book Review: Grail Mysterium: An Adventure on the Heights by Thomas Kaplan-Maxfield

With Evil taking over Boston College, can a group of college seniors find the problem before it is too late? Read More »

Aggresive Behavior and Videogames – More Darwin than Bloody Violence?

Recent study finds that competition, not violence increases short term aggression in gamers. Read More »

The Aspartame Game

Are more studies needed on the long-term health effects of aspartame? Read More »

FTC Report: It’s not so Easy for Kids to Buy M-Rated Games

Game retailers enforce ESRB ratings more strictly than movies and music. An argument against anti-game groups? Read More »

How to Pull an All-Nighter

Studying through the night isn't so hard. Read More »

DVD Review: The Experiment (2010)

Those of us who pride ourselves on our humanity would be surprised at how quickly it is lost. Read More »

Swimming vs Ritalin in Treating ADD

Nelly Yankovic, a mom in Chile, shakes up the way ADD-diagnosed children develop. Read More »

Book Review: Ten Things I Hate about Christianity Discussion Guide by Jason T. Berggren

Interested in forming a Christian study group on contemporary issues? Here's a resource that would serve you well. Read More »