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Movie Review: ‘The Theory of Everything’

The Theory of Everything

The 30-year relationship between famed physicist Stephen Hawking and Jane Wilde is chronicled in a superb film from director James Marsh and screenwriter Anthony McCarten. Read More »

Book Review: Once Before Time: A Whole Story of the Universe by Martin Bojowald

Martin Bojowald's new book provides an intriguing perspective on some pretty deep concepts. Read More »

DVD Review: Genius of Britain: The Scientists Who Changed the World

British science through the ages. Read More »

Book Review: The Grand Design: New Answers to the Ultimate Questions of Life by Stephen Hawking and Leonard Mlodinow

The Grand Design isn’t a breakthrough so much as an explanation for the non-physicist, and a beautifully presented one at that. Read More »

Hawking Warns Against Close Encounters of Any Kind

Is the dream of a peaceable universe so far-fetched? Perhaps as inconceivable as a peaceful world right here on Earth? Read More »

Book Review: George’s Cosmic Treasure Hunt by Lucy & Stephen Hawking

When they realize Earth is in danger of blowing up, three brave kids travel through the Universe to save it. Read More »

The Friday Morning Listen: Tom Waits – Orphans

Let's talk about "The Big Do-Over" Read More »

Hadron Collider to Restart in September

An update on the Hadron Collider. Read More »

Verse Chorus Verse: Pearl Jam – “Given to Fly”

An out of body experience... Read More »