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TV Review: ’24: Live Another Day’ – Episode 9: Ironic Implications


We know that now that Jack is back we don’t want to say goodbye, at least not yet. Read More »

TV Review: ’24: Live Another Day’- Team Bauer-Morgan and Traitor Is Revealed


In this adrenaline pumping episode Jack Bauer returns (finally) to the field. Read More »

Melville on the Web: Moby Dick Big Read

Moby Dick Big Read has 135 readers bringing the book to life. Read More »

DVD Review: Holy Flying Circus

Holy Flying Circus tells the story of the release of Monty Python's Life of Brian in a Python style. Read More »

Blu-ray Review: Sherlock Holmes – A Game of Shadows

Wherein we find Holmes and Watson once again traipsing around Europe, flicking cigarettes and opening some slow-motion cans of whoopass. Read More »

Movie Review: Sherlock Holmes – A Game of Shadows

Sherlock Holmes and his faithful Dr. Watson return - does the sequel better the first film? Read More »

TV Review: Harry’s Law with Kathy Bates

Kathy Bates Investigates Read More »

Sony Reader Adventure: Stephen Fry in America

Stephen Fry's love song to America provides a nice experience on Sony's pocket sized eBook reader Read More »

TV Review: Bones – “The Dwarf in the Dirt”

Booth and Brennan work on a case about a dead dwarf wrestler, and Stephen Fry guest stars! Read More »

DVD Review: Blackadder Remastered – The Ultimate Edition

The Ultimate Edition contains everything that revolves around the BBC series... all the good and all the bad. Read More »