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Perry and Bachmann: Forgetting the Foundation of America

Perry and Bachmann pick and choose what to believe in their Bibles, based on their political and personal agendas of the moment. Read More »

Libya: Big Oil and Intrigue

Is the world reacting to the Libyan crisis to protect human rights or Big Oil interests? Read More »

A Bowl a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Medical Marijuana in the U.S. should be made legal. Read More »

Here’s a Novel Idea: No More Marriage!

Isn't it about time we separate church from state? Read More »

The K2 Hubbub

K2 is vascularizing like an expensive rash. Read More »

A History of Cost Overruns Should Squash Government-Run Health Care

Government-run health care is a financial boondoggle waiting to happen. Read More »