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GOP Ayotte Anounces Austerity After Tax Cut To Millionaires

Ayotte calls for unity after Republicans stopped the government until tax breaks for millionaires was passed. Read More »

Senate: Ratify START Treaty and Fight Global Hunger

It's about getting foreign policy priorities in order. It's time to get started on START and food security. Read More »

Summer Fun, the Great Lakes and Nuclear Weapons Spending

This struggle - to fight hunger and poverty - is where the true struggle for peace lies in this century, not with massive spending on nuclear armaments Read More »

Finish What Ike and Kennedy Started: A Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty

This step-by-step progress toward nuclear disarmament needs to go forward, and the CTBT is an essential part. Read More »

Eisenhower’s Open Skies Over Haiti, the START Treaty and Beyond

Open Skies is resilient enough that it may just accomplish all its goals. Read More »

New Treaty Can Help Get Foreign Policy Priorities in Order

We can now get our foreign policy priorities in order, of which more nuclear weapons and testing should not be a part. Read More »

New Warhead Treaty a Win for the US

Missile defense not included in new Start nuclear warhead treaty. Read More »