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North American Science Fiction Convention: Day 2

Jeff Sturgeon's "Ruins on Talos 3," a version of which I obtained.

3D printing, starship management, and the magic of science in Detroit. Read More »

My 2013 Television Wish List

My wishes, hopes and dreams for the coming year in television: a commentary. Read More »

Television Reboots

Television likes to reuse ideas, which can be good and bad, depending on how it's handled. Read More »

Stargate Universe Revisited – “Water”

Revisit Stargate Universe - "Water" Read More »

Music Review: Rihanna – Unapologetic

Rihanna waxes daring and defiant on 'Unapologetic'. Read More »

Interview: Marc Zicree on Space Command

Sci-fi writer Marc Zicree has designs on a brand new movie franchise. He speaks with Blogcritics' co-executive editor Barbara Barnett about his new project. Read More »

Stargate Universe Revisited – “Light”

Stargate Universe "Light" provides new insight into the Ancient ship Destiny and its crew. Come along as we revisit Stargate's final series. Read More »

Stargate Universe Revisited – “Air Part 3″

The conclusion of the three-part first episode of Stargate Universe. Read More »

Stargate Universe Revisited – “Air Part 2″

Blogcritics' rewatch of the Syfy series Stargate Univese: Air Part 2 Read More »

Stargate Universe Revisited – “Air Part 1″

Whether you are just now discovering Stargate Universe, starring Robert Carlyle, or want to revisit Syfy's 2009-2011 sci-fi series, stop by and join the discussion. Read More »