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Loyalty Goes Digital: A Look at Square Inc.

Retaining loyalty just got easier Read More »

Cash, Money, Taxis: Competition for NYC Taxi Payment Systems Heats Up

The NYC taxi payment system is on the brink of a major overhaul, with many new companies vying to process your payments. Read More »

PlayStation Network Review: Parasite Eve

A compelling story and unique gameplay might be enough to lure in a new generation of gamers to this PS1 classic. Read More »

Square Enix Shows us the new Deus Ex, Mindjack, Dungeon Siege III, and Gun Loco

Square Enix spent some time with us last week to show us their wares. Read More »

DVD Pick of the Week: Shogun Assassin

Mediocre week of releases at best. Read More »

Final Fantasy XIII: We Go Hands-On

We have played the demo... and it is good. Read More »

Revisiting Final Fantasy VIII

With its new-found downloadability, this reviewer takes another look at Final Fantasy VIII Read More »

Final Fantasy XIII: Early Impressions

So far, so-so. Read More »

Screenshots: Dragon Quest Wars on Nintendo DSi

Killing dragons. Is there a better reason to play videogames? Read More »