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DVD Review: Driller (1984)

A porn parody that is far more Wacko than Jacko ever could have been. Read More »

DVD Review: Driller: A Sexual Thriller

Close, but sadly not the be-all end-all of Michael Jackson spoofery. Read More »

DVD Review: Vampires Suck

Some sagas just won’t die. Read More »

Movie Review: Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

The film that offers all the fun and invention The Expendables could not. Read More »

Blu-ray Review: Robin Hood: Men in Tights

Has its share of laughs, but not worth a double-dip. Read More »

DVD Review: Spaceballs: The Totally Warped Animated Adventures

The worst item to bear Mel Brooks’ name — ever. Read More »

DVD Review: Black Dynamite

Uproarious blaxploitation homage/spoof. Read More »

Blu-ray Review: Family Guy: Something, Something, Something Dark Side

A contagiously funny spoof that shows no mercy - while displaying its fondness for the original Star Wars film throughout. Read More »

Blu-ray Review: The Mel Brooks Collection

A treasure trove of parodies and farces from this comedy juggernaut. Read More »

DVD Review: Blackadder Remastered – The Ultimate Edition

The Ultimate Edition contains everything that revolves around the BBC series... all the good and all the bad. Read More »