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10 Uncommon, Must-Travel Destinations in Europe

Source: http://news.gtp.gr/

The sophisticated culture and rich history make Europe a prime location for an exciting getaway filled with lots to see and do. Read More »

DVD Review: ‘Falcón’


Although made for television, these two Falcón episodes are very cinematic. Read More »

Music Review: Various Performers – “The Rough Guide To Flamenco”

Flamenco Group

No matter how you play flamenco, there's still something wild and untamed about it which will get your heart beating and your pulse racing. Read More »

DVD Review: “Falcon”

Marton Csokas & Hayley Atwell - Falcon

Far more sophisticated and accomplished than most police procedurals or murder mysteries Read More »

Book Review: Rocamora by Donald Michael Platt

A novel based on the life of Vicente de Rocamora a poet, fighter and Dominican priest in the scheming court of King Philip IV. Read More »

New Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Called Racially Insensitive

With so many other shots with beautiful landscapes, it seems like these two shots are gratuitous pictures that could be taken the wrong way. Read More »

Book Review: Cervantes Street by Jaime Manrique

We know little of Cervantes' life, but the little we do know is a basis for this 16th Century historical fiction book. Read More »

Real Estate Conditions in Spain Far From Secure

The bad bank created by Spain to ease pressure on wasteful real estate assets has shown signs of setting reference values for the property market in the country. Read More »

Book Review: Malinalli of the Fifth Sun: The Slave Girl Who Changed the Fate of Mexico and Spain by Helen Heightsman Gordon

Not only beautiful, but also a gifted translator, Malinalli becomes an integral part of Cortés' professional and personal conquests. Read More »

Book Review: The Prisoner of Heaven by Carlos Ruiz Zafon

The darkness of a past full of pain threatens today's light and hope. Read More »