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Board Game Review: ‘Destination Neptune’ from Griggling Games

Destination Neptune

Strategy gaming to colonize the Solar System, economical-style! Read More »

We Need a New Columbus

We need a new Columbus to come forward and lead us into a new tomorrow. Read More »

Star Trek and the Quest for the Final Frontier

How the famous sci-fi TV world inspired an enduring appreciation and passion for the space program. Read More »

Dawn of the Real Space Age

Why the end of the space shuttle is really just the beginning Read More »

DVD Review: The Cosmos: A Beginner’s Guide

A captivating series exploring our place in the universe. Read More »

Hawking Warns Against Close Encounters of Any Kind

Is the dream of a peaceable universe so far-fetched? Perhaps as inconceivable as a peaceful world right here on Earth? Read More »

Obama Says: To Infinity and Beyond!

Now all of us – the former space cadets and future space explorers – have something exciting to look forward to. Read More »

Book Review: George’s Cosmic Treasure Hunt by Lucy & Stephen Hawking

When they realize Earth is in danger of blowing up, three brave kids travel through the Universe to save it. Read More »