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U.S. Unveils New Policies in Cooperation with Asia, China

Defense Secretary Panetta has outlined America's view for the South China Sea, and for our Asian and Chinese relations. Read More »

China Warns “Armed Confrontation” with the United States

China, angered by U.S. "interference" warns of armed confrontation. Read More »

The Philippines and Vietnam Prepare for a “China Spat”

While China insists her intentions are defensive, Vietnam and the Philippines are preparing to defend the South China Sea resources. Read More »

Positive Energy in Korea, and the South China Sea; Secretary Clinton Addresses ASEAN in Bali.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is in Bali, Indonesia, addressing a meeting of the ASEAN. Read More »

Spratly Islands: a No Win Issue

Tension in South China Sea must be resolved, otherwise, none of the contending states will benefit from the islands' resources. Read More »

Singapore Asks for Restraint as China Sails at Will in the South China Sea.

China continues provocation in the South China Sea; Singapore encourages restraint. Read More »

South Korean Soldiers Fire on Inchon Bound Flight

Two South Korean Soldiers mistakenly opened fire on a passenger plane from China to Inchon. Read More »

Encounters in the South China Sea Taking a Turn for the Worse

The states of the South China Sea region, including China, are escalating from argument to military drills. Read More »