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Internet Grassroots Offers Sensible Alternative to SOPA

A collaborative effort on Reddit has produced a working draft of a good legislative alternative to SOPA. Read More »

Vox Populi Puts SOPA and PIPA on the Shelf

SOPA and PIPA are shelved indefinitely thanks to massive grassroots campaign Read More »

The Day the Web Went Dark

Reddit and Wikipedia shut down their sites in protest to the proposed SOPA and PIPA legislation in Congress. Read More »

Is SOPA Internet Censorship and a Threat to Free Speech?

SOPA seeks to prevent online piracy. Might it lead to censorship of our internet? Read More »

December SOPA Update:

GoDaddy reverses position on SOPA after customer exodus - sincere change of heart or cheap parlor trick? Read More »

House Judiciary Online Piracy Hearings Frightening

House Judiciary Committee meets to discuss SOPA, collectively admit they don't know enough, and continue anyway. Read More »