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PlayStation 3 Preview: The Last of Us

The Last of Us is a tense, gorgeous and challenging game that I cannot wait to play more of. Read More »

PlayStation Vita Review: MLB 13: The Show

Last year,MLB: The Show's Vita debut had no presentation. This year, it... well, it has some. Read More »

PlayStation Vita Review: Earth Defense Force 2017

Sometimes, you can imagine Earth Defense Force as an alternate universe sequel to Will Wright's SimAnt. Read More »

Peripheral Round-Up: Sony PlayStation AC Adaptor/Charger, Nyko Charge Station (Wii)

Face it, you need gear. Here's what to buy and what to avoid. Read More »

PlayStation 3 Review: F1 Race Stars

Despite a cutesy veneer--complete with hard-edged, shaded polygons and podium stunt performances--F1 Race Stars carries elements of the sport. Read More »

Call of Duty can’t save the Vita

Sony’s PlayStation Vita held quite a bit of promise but as of yet has failed to deliver. Read More »

PlayStation 3 Review: Midway Arcade Origins

Despite the gems, you can access most of these titles elsewhere on previous Midway discs, even if they're not for the PS3. Read More »

Software Review – Imagination Studio 4 from Sony

Do you want to create professional looking home videos? Read More »

Book Review: Leadership in Business by Raju Khatri (K.C.)

How do the Vedas explain mind management for success and becoming mentally healthy? If you want to succeed in your business, read this book. Read More »

iPad Accessory Review: Sony Speaker Dock RDP-X700IP

Sony's premium speaker dock features excellent sound and AirPlay compatibility. Read More »