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Book Review: ‘Brothers Forever’ by Col. Tom Manion and Tom Sileo

Brothers Forever

'Brothers Forever' will touch the reader, no matter your political stripe. It's a story about people, who just happen to be soldiers as well. Read More »

Surprise! Reuniting after a Military Deployment


What makes for good TV isn't necessarily a good idea. Read More »

Movie Review: ‘Lone Survivor’


Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell's tragic story of his unit's fatal 2005 mission is badly recounted in a hamfisted, jingoistic torture porn. Read More »

The Real Reason for Underfunding Suicide Prevention

The reality that a dead person doesn't cost anything drives opinions and decisions. Read More »

Is There a Culture of Rape Within the Military?

While those who commit such crimes must be prosecuted, it's time we laid the blame where it squarely belongs: on our civilian leadership. Read More »

Military Parents Express Concern about Raising Children in the Military

But the myth that military children lose out on "real" childhoods is just that: a myth. Read More »

Book Review: What It Is Like to Go to War by Karl Marlantes

Vietnam veteran's ideas on training soldiers for combat and after is a profound and important "must read." Read More »

Book Review: Steam Queen by Jack Hessey

A world where mercenaries roam freely to protect the town and railways from bandits. Read More »

I’ll Be Home For Christmas, But I was Only Dreaming

It’s near five o’clock on Christmas Eve. To the left of me is a bottle of Jameson Irish Whisky; to the right of me is my trusty Nikon D2h. Read More »

DVD Review: Ground War — The Evolution of the Battlefield

Since before the pharaohs, the wheels of war have turned beneath the most destructive fighting machines the world has ever seen. Read More »