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Asia’s Path to Clean Energy


Asian nations are slowly but surely adopting renewable energy sources, but for at least the next couple of decades, there's simply no way for renewable energy initiatives to keep up with the booming population. Read More »

Residential Solar Panels Becoming an Affordable, Eco-smart Option for Homeowners

Building with solar panels on the roof in Northern Germany. Free use image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Solar panels are still pricey, but costs are coming down, and after a "payback period" of 10 years homeowners are almost guaranteed free electricity for the next 20. Read More »

The Solar-Powered Plane and the U.S. Economy

solar plane

Solar-powered planes have the potential to be a great economic engine. Will they go the eco-luxury route, or take a mainstream flight plan? Read More »

A Tale of Two Cities, as Told by Paul Harvey

Two cities, one in Georgia, the other in California, that are facing very similar legislative decisions. Read More »

Another Solyndra?

Are the latest DOE loan guarantees another Solyndra? Read More »

MacWorld Expo Gadgetfest 2011

A quick look at vendors and items of interest at MacWorld Expo 2011 Read More »