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Rooftop Solar: California Legislature’s Newest Renewable Energy Campaign Is Through the Roof

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California is pushing for rooftop solar energy to help increase its sustainable energy use to 50% by 2030. Read More »

Residential Solar Panels Becoming an Affordable, Eco-smart Option for Homeowners

Building with solar panels on the roof in Northern Germany. Free use image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Solar panels are still pricey, but costs are coming down, and after a "payback period" of 10 years homeowners are almost guaranteed free electricity for the next 20. Read More »

IBM Creates New Record for Solar Cell Efficiency

IBM has made a break-through in photovoltaic cell technology which could achieve conversion efficiencies of up to 15% and more Read More »

Book Review: Desert America: Boom and Bust in the New Old West by Ruben Martinez

Desert America is a challenging work which forces us all to think about how the new West will develop. Read More »

Interview: Mark McLarry – President of Alternative Power Productions

Alternative Power Productions is partnering with Outside Lands Festival for stages that use alternative energy. Read More »

Book Review: Powering the Dream: The History and Promise of Green Energy by Alexis Madrigal

Understanding the history and idiosyncrasies of alternative energy. Read More »

Book Revew: Solar by Ian McEwan

One man's frailty echoes the frailty of the planet in latest from McEwan. Read More »

Book Review: Alternative Energy Demystified by Stan Gibilisco

Not what you might expect, but certainly adequate if you know what to expect. Read More »

Book Review: Who Turned Out the Lights by Scott Bittle and Jean Johnson

Using natural resources wisely includes our atmosphere. Read More »

Book Review: Solar Energy Projects for the Evil Genius and Fuel Cell Projects for the Evil Genius by Gavin D. Harper

Aspiring 'evil geniuses' may mysteriously transform into crazy, careless scientists if they attempt to follow these instructions. Read More »