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WebSite-Watcher just released a new version. The program checks an unlimited number of websites for updates and changes within seconds and without much online costs. No site is too big or small for the software. The follow links feature allows you to monitor complete websites, instead of single bookmarks, then automatically insert the linked pages as new bookmarks. When changes ... Read More »

These Foolish Things Remind Me of You

Okay, it’s a little bit creepy and obsessive, but it’s mostly sweet and touching and another set of uses for the artifacts of our culture – that’s OUR culture, not the songwriters, the singers, the record labels – OURS: Kenneth Roberts is an old man with a broken heart and an armful of compact discs. He shuffles from table to ... Read More »

The Intellectual Property Debate, Pt. 267

Our pal Scott Matthews, the mad coder behind the Andromeda player that supports Radio Free Blogcritics writes in Salon that file sharing is tres suck. He makes many of the same points as our own bhw, although the particular target of Scott’s ire is the Electronic Frontier Foundation, more friends of ours – it’s tough when your friends are squabbling: ... Read More »

Massive Minnesota Miscreant, Blaster Worm Culprit

The FBI arrested a Minnesota teen for creating a variant of the Blaster internet worm: Jeffrey Lee Parson, 18, of Hopkins, Minnesota, a middle- class suburb west of Minneapolis, was arrested on one count of intentionally causing or attempting to cause damage to a computer, according to a St. Paul district court clerk. ….Parson, who was described in the complaint ... Read More »

DVD Decryption Ruling Ambiguous

It’s ALL ambiguous right now. Hollywood asked that the DVD decryption code be declared a trade secret and banned from the Internet – they got part of that: The case has pit freedom-of-speech arguments against an entertainment-industry effort to protect what it says are trade secrets. Hollywood is happy because the court upheld an injunction that prohibits Internet posting of ... Read More »

Editing ID3 Tags in iTunes

I Love iTunes. And am feverishly awaiting the release of iTunes for Windows. I am really getting tired of using WimAmp to play my MP3’s. iTunes is great for Internet Radio, It is great for playlists and dynamic playlists. The one thing I cannot stand stand about iTunes is editing ID3 tags. Sometimes it take iTunes a while to move ... Read More »

The Worm Has Turned

Sobig.F shrivels and fizzles: The fast-spreading Sobig.F e-mail virus slowed on Sunday and failed for a second time to launch a remote data attack using thousands of infected personal computers, computer security experts said. Sobig.F, which first emerged on Aug. 18, was programmed by an unknown creator to unleash a data attack at noon PDT on Sunday. But with the ... Read More »