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Book Review: Elsewhere, U.S.A. by Dalton Conley

“Today the richest ten percent earns five to six times that of the poorest ten percent.” Read More »

Book Review: Capital: Volume One: A Critique of Political Economy (1867) by Karl Marx

A look at the classic work on economics explaining how capitalism works. Read More »

Book Review: The Third Chapter: Passion, Risk, and Adventure in the 25 Years After 50 by Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot

What’s in store for your life’s penultimate chapter? It may be filled with unprecedented potential for personal growth and fulfillment Read More »

Book Review: God’s Brain by Lionel Tiger and Michael McGuire

Rather than join a debate about the validity of religion, two scientists examine the purpose behind it. Read More »

Book Review: Vanity Fair’s Proust Questionnaire edited by Graydon Carter

How would you answer these questions? Revealing truths from a 19th century Paris parlor game. Read More »

Bookish Delights 2009: The Nonfiction Edition

Wanderlust... and some reads less roamed. Read More »

Book Review: Endless Money: The Moral Hazards of Socialism by William Baker

Is the U.S. in a decline like the one that ended the Roman Empire? William Baker uses financial turmoil to make this case. Read More »

Book Review: Chicago Folk: Images of the Sixties Music Scene – The Photographs of Raeburn Flerlage edited by Ronald D. Cohen and Bob Riesman

Documenting Chicago’s folk music scene in the 1960s. Read More »

Book Review: Sisters: An Anthology edited by Jan Freeman, Emily Wojcik, and Deborah Bull

The unique bond of sisters takes many forms in this rich collection from Paris Press. Read More »

Manufacturing Ideas of Beauty

The evolution and commercialization of beauty. Read More »