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Book Review: ‘Ravens Tears, Book 1: The Raven and the Iris’ by Alesia & Michael Matson


Can the truth set you free, or can the darkness of your past, spilled into the light, ruin your life forever? Read More »

Interview: Author and Teacher Amy Friedman on Shame, the Power of Memoir, and Inner Truths

Sitting down with Amy Friedman, an eloquent author and teacher, about the powers of fear, truth, and shame. Read More »

It’s Not Social Work, It’s a Game: Diary of an Oasis Game Participant

Achieving social change in new ways: read what happened when the OASIS game was played in the UK for the first time. Read More »

Book Review: Fifty Shames of Earl Grey: A Parody by Fanny Merkin (aka Andrew Shaffer)

Witty and unassuming, Andrew Shaffer's Fifty Shames of Earl Grey comments on the faults of society in his hilarious debut. Read More »

Social Networks as a Means of Connecting

Sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr are the popular way of meeting new people and are quickly changing society. Read More »

A Stranger in Malaysia: The Problem of Identity

I may have been born in Malaysia, but I feel like a stranger in my own country. Read More »

Race, Ethnicity, and Vision

Learning about one's heritage is a great thing to do, but many take this too far. Why? Read More »

Sticking Out in South Korea

While in my own country, I'd taken diversity for granted. Read More »

Class Consciousness: A Question of Titanic Proportions

Social class is one of humanity's most important constructs, but what is it? And why bring up the Titanic? Read More »

Society and the Individual, Part Five: America Past, Present, and Future

What do the past, present, and future of American society have in common? Is there really much difference between them? Read More »