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Hobbes and Locke Revisited: The Foundations of the Modern Liberal State, Part XII

Hayek’s gravest error: the contrast of his brand of individualism with socialism or collectivism. It’s a totally modern conception, unheard of in Hobbes’s own time, and it displays Hayek’s modern bias. Read More »

Book Review: The Harbor by Ernest Poole

1915 socialist attack on capitalism republished. Read More »

DVD Review: Atlas Shrugged Part 1

Ayn Rand throws a tea party. Read More »

Jesus Christ, Socialist?

Did Jesus Christ have a political ideology? Read More »

MSNBC’s Black Agenda: Perms, Afros, and Ed Schultz

MSNBC's "Black Agenda” gave viewers clowns on parade and coonery at every turn. Read More »

Socialized Health Care; An American’s Perspective on the Danish System

An American expatriate's experience with Denmark's national health care system. Read More »

Einstein, the Dangers of Pure Capitalism, and “Goldilocks Freedom”

"The government that governs least, governs best" - the problem with this claim is that "Nature abhors a vacuum". Read More »

The Fallacy of Wealth Redistribution

Wealth redistribution is based on an ignorance of basic mathematical realities of the economy. Read More »

“Marxian Class Analysis, Theory and Practice” online seminar by Richard D. Wolff, a review

Richard D. Wolff's online seminar on class structure and class relationships is not to be missed. Be there or be square. Read More »

Book Review: Ecology and Socialism: Solutions to Capitalist Ecological Crisis by Chris Williams

"Socialism" may still be a dirty word, but this book is a must. Read More »