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It’s All Downhill from Here

Happy birthday to me. Read More »

Most Agree, Obama is Heading the Country in the Wrong Direction

Poll numbers indicate Americans are fed up with Obama and his failed policies. Read More »

Book Review: The Woman Behind The New Deal by Kirstin Downey

The life and legacy of Frances Perkins. Read More »

DC Snowed In – America Safe for 72 Hours

Will the outbreak of fimbulwinter save us from Washington's out of control spending? Read More »

The Massachusetts Miracle?

In a surprising nail-biter of a race, Republican Scott Brown debated Democrat Martha Coakley for the Massachusetts senate seat. Read More »

A History of Cost Overruns Should Squash Government-Run Health Care

Government-run health care is a financial boondoggle waiting to happen. Read More »

A Nation of Experts

Are we one lucky nation or what? Pick a subject, any subject, and experts come out of the walls like cockroaches at night in a New York apartment. Read More »

The Futility of Hope

We may stumble out of our domestic financial mess. But how are we to recapture the value system that has been our moral compass? Read More »

Obama and Doublethink

Obama is promising what he can't and won't deliver. Read More »