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Gadget Review: Tab Arm and Flex Tripod from iStabilizer

istabilizer tab arm

Together the Flex Tripod and the Tab Arm give you a combo punch for your devices extremely hard to beat. Read More »

Smart Ways to Prevent Smartphone Theft

It’s a smart idea to consider security options to keep your smartphone and your personal information secure. Read More »

How Do We Use Our Mobile Devices?

Credit: Commons/Flickr

Americans spend on average 2 hours and 38 minutes glued to their smartphones and tablets. Read More »

Sony Xperia Z1 Compact Smartphone Doesn’t Skimp on Specs


This well-built phone maintains all the capabilities of its larger cousin except for screen size, and it's waterproof and dustproof too. Read More »

The State of Smartphone Technology in 2013


A brief look at some of this year's most popular smartphones. Read More »

BlackBerry Z10 Review

The Z10 is BlackBerry's first smartphone in almost two years. Can it beat its iPhone and Android rivals? Read More »

Book Review: SnApp Shots by Adam Bronkhorst

How to take great pictures with smartphones and aps Read More »

Siri, Has Windows Gotten Its Groove Back? Part I

Does Windows Phone have what it takes to compete amidst a sea of Android devices and iOS apps? Read More »

Most Inspired Smartphone Apps

Yesterday's mainframes are nowhere near modern smartphones. But how can we use this power effectively? Read More »

Lawmakers Propose Banning Texting While Walking

It's funny until someone gets hurt... Read More »