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Five Smart-Money Benefits to Unlocking Your iPhone

smartphone iphone

An unlocked smartphone gives you flexibility to shop for and negotiate better deals. Service will almost always be cheaper if you're not stuck in a contract with one of the major carriers. Read More »

LG Announces Four New Smartphones at Mobile World Congress 2015

The LG Magna and Spirit smartphones

The LG Magna seems to be aimed at those who love taking selfies. Read More »

Gadget Review: OBiTalk

OBi 100

The OBi when paired with Google Voice runs with no monthly or recurring fees of any kind – and lets you have the sturdy feel of a landline device. Read More »

The Switch: Living With Windows Phone 8, Part II – WP8 Software


I’m really, really tired of the blandness of iOS. I want some pizazz, some innovation, and some oomph. For good or bad, WP8 delivers these in spades. Read More »

Smartphone Review: HTC One

Can the HTC One be a true match for the Samsung Galaxy S4? Read More »

My Smartphone Is Making Me Dumb

It is astounding how "smart" this phone truly is, but somehow I feel a little lost with it instead of without it. Read More »

When Mobile-Friendly Is Not Enough For Users

Mobile-friendly is all the range yet this does not deliver the best mobile user experience. Read More »

Hands-on Review: Samsung Infuse 4G -Images and Video

Review of the Samsung Galaxy S Infuse 4G with pics and video Read More »

Shut That Camera Off: Apple Targets Concert Filming

Apple gets in bed with the major record labels. Censorship controversy ensues. Read More »

Is Google Android Market Adopting Victorian Values?

Should pornography be kept out of android app shops and off our smartphones? Read More »