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Book Review: Superman: The High-Flying History of America’s Most Enduring Hero by Larry Tye

A well-researched account of a beloved character and the people who made him so. Read More »

DVD Review: Cursed (2005)

Before he was outrunning zombies, lawyers, and bank robbers, Jesse Eisenberg had to deal with werewolves. Read More »

TV Review: Smallville – “Finale”

Smallville goes out with an appropriate epic mightiness, paying service to the most beloved characters. Read More »

TV Review: Smallville – “Booster”

Smallville moves Clark Kent ever closer to being Superman, and Lois Lane helps. Read More »

TV Review: Smallville – “Kent”

Smallville delves into core personalities with only weeks left, exposing some inner truths. Read More »

TV Review: breaking_in – “Pilot”

breaking_in is led by two great actors, and written with some serious funny. Read More »

TV Review: V – “Mother’s Day”

V has always been an uneven show, but the finale was great, so renew it! Read More »

TV Review: Breakout Kings – “Pilot”

Breakout Kings is a gritter, more character-driven version of Leverage. Read More »

TV Review: Smallville – “Masquerade”

Smallville hit some important notes this week, from Clark Kent as a costume, to Chloe's self image. Read More »

Music Review: Eva Cassidy – Simply Eva

More from Eva Cassidy is never a bad thing. Read More »