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Movie Review: Fall Down Dead

An okay thriller with a first rate leading lady, Dominique Swain. Read More »

DVD Review: The Hills Run Red (2009)

An enjoyably bloody homage to the classic slasher flicks of the 1980s. Read More »

Movie Review: Sorority Row

Not bad, not good, perfectly mediocre. Read More »

DVD Review: Harper’s Island – The DVD Edition

Who will survive? Who cares — just sit back and enjoy the bloody brainless fun! Read More »

DVD Review: The Centerfold Girls

The moral of the story: life‘s a bitch, and then you die. Read More »

DVD Review: House (2008)

The audience is given a forgettable, cheap, and predictable way to blow its money. Read More »

DVD Review: Friday the 13th: Part VI – Jason Lives (Deluxe Edition)

Like you knew he would, America's favorite hockey-masked serial slasher returns to "life" in the series' sixth installment. Read More »

Movie Review: Simon Says

Great for fans of '80s slasher horror films, but nobody else. Read More »

DVD Review: Friday the 13th – Part V: A New Beginning (Deluxe Edition)

Not Jason - but a not-so-incredible simulation. Read More »

DVD Review: Baseline Killer

A dizzying combo of boring story and incompetent filmmaking makes this one to miss. Read More »